Life insurance
Protection insures your peace of mind
Protection insures your peace of mind
Life Insurance Overview:

None of us knows what tomorrow will bring and like all well laid plans it’s best to consider life’s “what ifs”

Centrado offers comprehensive UK life insurance cover that’s fully tailored to meet your unique requirements

Whilst mortgages and finance may be the vehicles through which you secure the home or property of your dreams, they can also leave those who are dependent on you very exposed if the borrowing is not “protected”. Innovative and specific life insurance terms, which are tailored to be reflective of your individual and specific requirements will provide a financial safety net and ensure peace of mind in the event of an untimely bereavement at a time those who are left behind are most likely to need it.

Underwriting of life insurance is highly skilled, undertaken by industry experts and based upon many individual factors. With sophisticated programmes available to help actuaries define the requirements, life insurance premiums are more reflective of risk and as a population, generally, we are all living longer which means life insurance is significantly more affordable to everyone.

Additionally, in certain instances Centrado can offer life insurance without medical questions which gives guaranteed insurability.

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